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Safety data sheet SOFTWARE LogicSDS

Logic SDS Software is a "software" suite that includes:
- A multilingual GHS-CLP label edition module
- A GHS-CLP calculation module based on the product components and data
- A CLP and GHS/US format multilingual SDS (safety data sheets - MSDS) authoring module

LogicSDS is a highly intuitive and easy-to-use SDS (Safety Data Sheet) software.

LogicSDS manages SDS (Safety Data Sheet) according to GHS/CLP (1272/2008) and to international GHS as GHS-US (HCS/Hazardcom 2012 OSHA) or the chinese GHS. LogicSDS includes databases from Annex 6 for GHS/CLP as well as a list of chemical substances from the US chemical inventory or from the proposition 65 list for California.

In a European frame, LogicSDS enables the elaboration of SDS of detergents and the editing of hazard labels for these products.

LogicSDS is the most economic SDS software on the market allowing to small and medium-sized companies to create their own professionnal SDS.