Our SDS software allows you to create and manage Safety Data Sheets in 35 languages. It is able to expertly and autonomously generate SDSs in GHS CLP, GHS US and GHS UN. It includes optional modules such as a detergent module and a PCN module for reporting to ECHA's poison control centre.

LogicSDS allows the user to create and manage their own formulas. Manage multiple companies. It includes the chemical database "Annex VI" list of substances with harmonised classification linked to CLP, Annex 14 of prohibited substances, Annex 17 of controlled substances and the candidate list of substances of very high concern. It also makes it possible to retrieve hazard information on more than 200,000 substances inventoried by ECHA. LogicSDS automatically generates an xml file similar to the one generated by the IUCLID platform. In addition, if information is missing, the user is informed automatically.

Our PCN module makes it easy to make notifications to ECHA's Poison Control Centre in just a few clicks. The information necessary for the declaration is automatically retrieved from the information in the Safety Data Sheet

The specific module "detergents" allows to calculate the mandatory information of the SDS and the specific labelling according to the regulation on detergents 628/2004.

LogicSDS also offers an add-on module to manage the quantities of products used in different workplaces.

It is of course possible to edit security labels whose information is taken from the SDS generated and also to create your own models with our "Designer" tool to design custom models.

Regulatory updates and "software" updates are online and can be carried out very simply.

Our solution is offered commercially in the form of a subscription or purchase with annual maintenance.

Annual subscription

Classical Classification labeling
Price 1470 £* 675 £ 135 £
labeling 🗸 🗸 🗸
GHS calculation 🗸 🗸
Creation of records 🗸
Details Details Details

* 1st year £1470 then £1,170 from the second year.


Four steps to compiling your data sheet: composition of the mixture, calculation of hazards, selection of SDS phrases and sections, editing. Make your declarations to the European Poison Centre (EPC) in 3 clicks. Optional add-on module.

* 1st year £1470 HT then £1170 HT annual subscription including CLP and/or CHS US, GHS CN and other GHS.

£3827 HT for purchase version including maintenance for the first year.

** Non-commercial use


From component formulas and physico-chemical and toxicological information, automatically generate the mixture’s GHS-CLP classification and labeling. Multilingual information.

* £675  excl. tax for annual subscription, including label printing module, updates and regulatory watch.

£ 1350 excluding VAT for purchase, including maintenance for the first year.

GHS / CLP labeling and regulatory expertise

Connection to the CLP Annex VI database (4400 substances) containing classifications and labeling information. WEBSERVICE regulatory watch. Software, database and phrases updates.

* £135 HT annual subscription including updates and regulatory watch.

£405 excluding VAT for purchase, including maintenance for the first year.

Functions : 

Calculates product labeling based on hazard information.

Optionally prints customized regulatory labels in 35 languages.

Our strengths


Reduced data entry by searching for components in multilingual substance databases (Annex VI)


Calculation of GHS-CLP classification from concentration of hazardous components and toxicological information


First low-cost SDS (Safety Data Sheet) software

UP to date

Online regulatory watch and online updates via automatic connection to LogicSDS Webservice